Polypropylene » A4 4D 16mm Poly Digitally Printed Binder

Poly binders are perfect for outdoor use due to the material being able to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. Poly binders are also water resistant and can be cleaned easily when covered with oil, dirt or even paint. Although we have mentioned it is great for outdoors, poly binders are also ideal for indoor use such as industrial environments. It is often referred to as the heavy-duty binder because of its flexible panels that aren’t easy to rip, scratch or tear, even when used daily or occasionally. Rupert Collins have A4 16mm Digitally Printed Poly Binders that can be customised for colour, offset printing, and foil stamping to add your name, address, contact number, title of the document etc. 
A4 4D 16mm Poly Digitally Printed Binder